Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Maxwell Render Plugin for 3ds Max 2.7.20

Version 2.7.20
 - when importing MXM files, the plug-in looks for missing textures in the "textures" subdirectory of the MXM path<
 - added the "maxwellRestartFire" MAXScript function
 - meshes and materials can be imported from MXS files
 - Max gamma correction no longer affects Maxwell material preview slots
 - added support for meshes with specified normals
 - added an object setting on legacy particle system which controls if they are exported as meshes or Maxwell procedurals
 - the exporter writes all the cameras present in the scene to the MXS file
 - added 2048 and 4096 to the list of allowed resolutions for viewport preview
 - the viewport preview looks for textures in alternative paths when they cannot be found, just like the exporter
 - the send job to network button supports animations
 - fixed: MAXScript error when trying to render from the command line
 - fixed: grass modifiers were exported even when they were disabled
 - fixed: crash on systems with video cards or drivers that don't support DirectX 9
 - fixed: wrong motion blur for PFlow instances when more than 2 motion steps were used
 - fixed: FIRE was not restarted after changing IBL settings
 - fixed: the material UI was not refreshed after importing a MXM file
 - fixed: the renderer was still started in some cases even though the export process failed
 - fixed: crash when a MXS reference object was using animation sequences
 - fixed: crash when switching to a non-Maxwell material after editing a Maxwell bitmap
 - fixed: crash when trying to export HairFarm objects with density textures applied

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