Wednesday, April 22, 2015

VIACAD9 Mesh To NURBS Test (메쉬를 넙스로 변환시켜 주는 VIACAD9 테스트)

I saw this news.

So I've tested VIACAD9 (above link) because this tool has [Mesh to NURBS] feature.

메쉬 오브젝트를 넙스로 변환해 준다고 하는 VIACAD9 의 베타버전을 받아서 테스트 해 봤습니다.

실행하면 인터페이스가 이렇게 나오네요.

I imported OBJ file which I made with 3ds Max.
3ds Max에서 만들었던 소파를 불러와 봤습니다.

Tried to convert it to NURBS
그리고 이걸 넙스로 변환을 했습니다.

Some objects are perfect, but some are not. ;-)
대부분 잘 변환이 되었는데 하단 가로버팀대가 좀 이상하게 변환이 되었네요.

I imported single merged object that I made with 3ds Max too.
이번에는 역시 3ds Max 에서 만들었던 의자를 하나의 오브젝트로 합쳐서 내보내기 했습니다.

The convert result is..
 그리고 불러와서 다시 변환을 했더니

Not perfect yet.  :)
비슷한 결과가 나오는군요.
베타버전이라서 그런걸까요?

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Electric Racing Bike

Electric Racing Bike

Available Formats : max, fbx, obj, stl, vrayproxy, 3dm, sat, igs

Used Tools : Moi, 3ds Max, Maxwell, V-Ray, Photoshop, ShaderMap2

If you wanna buy this 3D model, please click here.

경주용 전기오토바이 입니다.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Maxwell Render 3.1.1 Release Notes


  • Improvements in preprocess and voxelization time
  • Fixed potential crash with blocked emitters
  • Fixed blocked emitters were not working with references
  • Fixed objects could disappear or show invalid transformations in FIRE in some extreme scenarios
  • Support for hair with tip radius greater than root radius
  • Fixed crash deleting instances with excluded lights
  • Change in multilight sliders range for IBL
  • Fixed SSS brightness with IBL in some scenarios
  • Fixed token %mwchannel% that was not working properly
  • Hair material dependencies issues fixed
  • Better support for blade normals in Grass primitives
  • Improved support for IES and EULUMDAT files with lines longer than 256 characters
  • Fixed instances of references with multiple objects were only instancing first element 
  • Fixed preview window was ignoring camera response if Multilight was enabled
  • Added new command line flag -affinity [auto/manual] to override thread affinity (true by default, Maxwell overrides thread affinity)
  • Fixed root & tip was half of expected in flat and curve grass/hair primitives
  • Fixed render failed when grass/hair flat primitive had zero tip width
  • Fixed memory leak with procedural textures
  • Fixed crash when converting an image file to MXI format


  • Fixed UI issue when having MXM references (the item shown in the stack properties and the item selected could get out of sync)
  • Fixed UI issue that allowed to set IES/Spot emitters with Temperature
  • Fixed Animation tool forced longitude/latitude sun position
  • Fixed Animation tool forced jpg image output 
  • Fixed camera roll angle was wrong when entering negative values
  • Fixed RealFlow bin meshes loader was failing in some cases


  • Fixed crash after running getObjectNames() causing scene corruption
  • Useless parameter for getNumCustomAlphaChannels() has been removed
  • Fixed crash on getPath() when the path is empty 

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

AMD 의 FireRender

Corona Render 를 만든 Render Region 과 AMD 가 공동으로 만든 AMD FirePro 용 GPU 렌더러.

3ds Max 플러그인 형태로 개발되며 현재 알파버전.

FirePro 에 최적화 되어있긴 하지만 OpenCL 을 지원하는 대부분의 GPU 와 CPU 에서 실행이 가능하다고.

조만간 공개테스트를 할 예정이며 프로토타입이 2015 NAB 쇼에서 공개가 됩니다.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

무료 비디오 편집 툴 Avid 의 Media Composer | First 의 FAQ

요약하면, 기능상 제한이 있고, 모든 프로젝트는 아비드 클라우드를 통해서만 시작가능.

Q. Media Composer | First is free – are there any hidden costs?
A. No, there are no hidden costs. When it’s available, you’ll be able to download and use Media Composer | First at no cost. Media Composer | First uses software licensing; it does not require a hardware key (dongle).

Q: 완전히 무료인가? 
A: 그렇다.

Q. What are the limitations of Media Composer | First compared to full Media Composer?A. At this time we aren’t releasing detailed information on the feature set, as Media Composer | First is still in development, and won’t be available until later in 2015. However you can expect a limited feature set that makes Media Composer | First less intimidating to new users, but also less appealing to power users. You can expect fewer settings, menus, timeline tracks, monitor features, bin features, titling features, effects and other features than the full Media Composer. You can also expect that Media Composer | First won’t work with Avid Interplay Production, Interplay MAM, or MediaCentral UX, and that shared projects won’t be supported on ISIS storage systems. In addition, all projects will be stored in the cloud, and you’ll get a limited number of projects and a limited amount of cloud storage space. There will be options to expand Media Composer | First, from additional project and storage capacity to plug-ins, options, and additional applications to stock footage and music to upgrades to the full Media Composer.

Q: 기능상 제약은? 
A: 아직 개발중이라 확실히 말하기는 어렵지만, 더 적은 설정과 메뉴, 타임라인 트랙이라든가, 모니터나 바이너리, 타이틀 기능들과 효과 등이 풀버전 보다는 적겠지. 또 Avid 인터플레이 프로덕션이나 인터플레이 MAM, 미디어센트럴UX 등도 지원되지 않는다. 또 모든 프로젝트는 클라우드에 저장되게 되는데 제한된 수의 프로젝트와 제한된 용량의 공간만 제공한다.

Q. Media Composer | First includes a limited number of Cloud Projects, what does this mean?A. Projects for Media Composer | First are stored in the cloud on Avid Servers, accessed through your Avid Master Account from anywhere. Avid provides a limited number of free projects with Media Composer | First. This cloud-based storage is a difference vs. full Media Composer software, which can store an unlimited number of projects locally on your computer’s hard disk.

Q: 제한된 수의 클라우드 프로젝트가 무슨 뜻인가?
A: 미디어 컴포저 | 퍼스트 의 프로젝트들은 모두 아비드의 클라우드 서버에 저장이 되고 아비드 마스터 계정을 통해 접근할 수 있다. 무료버전에는 제한된 수의 프로젝트만 제공하며 클라우드 용량 역시 풀버전의 미디어 컴포저와 차이가 있다. 풀버전의 미디어 컴포저는 사용자의 하드디스크에 무한대의 프로젝트를 저장할 수 있다.

Q. What can we expect regarding Media Composer | First plug-ins?A. Media Composer | First won’t work with plug-ins that were purchased previously for another version of Media Composer. Media Composer | First will support AVX video plug-ins and AAX audio plug-ins purchased from the Avid Marketplace in conjunction with Media Composer | First. In addition, we’re encouraging plug-in creators to offer low-cost plug-in packages suitable for Media Composer | First users. Should you upgrade to full Media Composer at a later date, all plug-ins that you purchased for Media Composer | First will continue to work.

Q: 미디어 컴포저 | 퍼스트 에서 플러그인을 사용할 수 있을까?
A: 현재 어떤 미디어 컴포저용 플러그인도 미디어 컴포저 | 퍼스트 에서는 사용할 수 없다.
아비드 마켓플레이스에서 AVX 비디오 플러그인과 AAX 오디오 플러그인들을 구입할 수 있고, 플러그인 제작자들에게 저가의 플러그인들을 만들도록 할 생각이다.

Q. Projects are stored in the cloud -- will I be able to work offline?
A. Yes, you can expect to be able to work offline. You’ll start a project by connecting to the internet, logging into your Avid Master Account, and starting a project in the cloud. You can then disconnect from the cloud to work remotely using a local copy, then reconnect to save your changes in the cloud. 

Q: 프로젝트가 클라우드에 저장이 되면, 오프라인으로 작업할 수 있나?
A: 그렇다. 오프라인으로 작업할 수 있다. 인터넷을 연결하고 아비드 마스터 계정으로 로그인을 한 다음 클라우드에서 프로젝트를 시작하고 나면, 클라우드 연결을 끊고 로컬 사본을 사용해서 작업을 하고, 다시 클라우드에 재연결해서 저장하면 된다.

Q. What if I need more projects?
A. We will offer additional Media Composer | First projects to purchase from the Avid Marketplace.

Q: 더 많은 프로젝트를 만드려면?
A: 아비드 마켓플레이스에서 추가 프로젝트를 구매할 수 있다.

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