Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maxwell Render 2.7.20 released

Maxwell Render 가 2.7.20로 업그레이드 되었습니다.



  • Performance of motion vector improved
  • Now it is possible to display the value of the hovered pixel in different color modes and depths
  • When resuming an mxi it is now possible to specify not only the new sampling level but also the new time


  • Fixed some scenarios of scenes with references with instances in Fire
  • Override materials doesn't affect referenced MXMs if the path is missing
  • Error reading some parameters of sky files


New Features

  • "Convert to mesh" to convert instances to meshes
  • "Convert to MXS reference" to convert a selection of objects into an MXS reference file and import it into the scene automatically


  • Loading large MXS files with deep hierarchies is faster now
  • Support for HDR Light Studio V4 which now also includes support for OSX/Linux


  • Loading DXF files with invalid triangles
  • Cancelling "Export selection to MXS" was not working
  • Potential crash displaying grass blades 



  • General stability improved
  • Improvements in log system


  • Resume of cooperative jobs could fail
  • Elapsed time display error in finished jobs
  • Lock aspect ratio button in the job wizard was not working properly
  • Check dependencies in batch mode could fail


  • Updated to keep compatibility


  • New SDK uploaded

Sunday, October 28, 2012

RED Scarlet-X

RED Scarlet-X 입니다.

아래는 Maxwell version

아래는 V-Ray 버전

핸들 부분은 3ds Max에서 모델링 했고 나머지는 Moment of Inspiration 입니다.

I used 3ds Max and MoI for modeling, and rendered with Maxwell 2.7 & V-Ray.

You can buy this models at


 View my work at Turbosquid

Friday, October 26, 2012

Render Elements to folders

Render Elements to folders

렌더 엘리먼트 파일들을 메인 경로가 지정된 위치에 따라 하위폴더를 만들어서 저장해 주는 스크립트

Friday, October 19, 2012

Leica Lens & EVF

Click the images to view large image.

카메라 렌즈와 전자식뷰파인더만 따로 떼어냈습니다.

Leica Summilux-M 50mm ASPH Lens

You can buy this 3D model at

Leica EVF2

You can buy this 3D model at

 View my work at Turbosquid

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Maxwell 3ds Max plugin updated to 2.7.12

Version 2.7.12

  • added support for textured material preview in Nitrous
  • added support for HairFarm
  • removed support for Max 8, 9 and VIZ
  • the Max gamma value does not influence the rendered image or material preview swatches
  • added plug-in API
  • FBX import and export supports Maxwell materials
  • set the default for use Max instancing to on
  • fixed: proxies and MXS references did not show the preview point cloud in Nitrous
  • fixed: crash when creating MXS reference objects with pivot snap enabled
  • fixed: the UV Mapping dropdown in the RFRK particle object contained Chinese characters in Max 2013
  • fixed: hidden objects referenced by Maxwell proxies were rendered
  • fixed: crash when adding a second sequence to a RFRK mesher under some circumstances
  • fixed: no viewport texture preview for referenced materials
  • fixed: search paths were not used when locating BIN files for the viewport preview of RFRK meshers and particle objects
  • fixed: the viewport preview of RFRK meshers was not refreshed after adding a new sequence
  • fixed: crash when unchecking and checking back the display in viewport checkbox in a MXS reference object
  • fixed: RFRK particles were skewed when rotated
  • fixed: the viewport preview of RFRK objects and MXS references were not using the same search paths as the render
  • fixed: crash in older versions of Max which sometimes occurred when loading a scene
  • fixed: legacy particle systems were not exported from Max 2013
  • fixed: extension parameters which were strings (mesher BIN path, mesher realwave path etc.) were not exported correctly in Max 2013
  • fixed: saving a sky to a HDR file didn't work in Max 2013
Note: the FBX import/export feature was added to be able to exchange scenes in FBX format between Max and Maya. In order for it to work, you will need to upgrade the FBX plug-ins in both Max and Maya to version 2013.3 from this page.


click image to view full size (1500x2015)

The title is 'divorce' which you can guess the meaning from the image itself. :)

Carefully speaking, her husband is 50mm .

I used 3ds Max and MoI (camera) for modeling.

Rendered with Maxwell 2.7

CameraBag for color adjusting.

Thanks :)

너무 단품들만 만들었던 것 같아서

앞에 만들었던 카메라를 이용해서 씬을 구성해 봤습니다.

몇 년전에 자주 가던 커뮤니티 사이트에서 어떤 분이 찍어 올리신 사진을 3D로 재현해서 카메라 올려봤습니다.

제목에서 연상되시겠지만 '이혼' 입니다.

왜인지는 이미지 보시면 아실 것 같네요.

한 가지만 조심스레 얘기하자면 남편은 50밀리 입니다.

아, 물론 50밀리 렌즈라는 얘기입니다. ;)

이미지는 클릭하면 커집니다.

사용한 툴은 MoI V3 beta, 3ds Max2013, Maxwell 2.7, Photoshop Cs5, CameraBag2, PixPlant2, ShaderMap Pro1.3 입니다.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Leica M Digital Camera

Used Tools : MoI, 3ds Max, Maxwell, V-Ray, Photoshop, Pixplant

You can buy this 3D Model at ;

Turbosquid   Turbosquid

Maxwell renders

Monday, October 8, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012



새로운 오브젝트를 기존 오브젝트와 유사한 모양을 갖도록 자동으로 변형해 주는 스크립트.
리토폴로지 용도로 유용할 듯

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hasselblad H5D

Hasselblad H5D digital Camera

Maxwell version

You can buy this model at  Here