Thursday, October 18, 2012

Maxwell 3ds Max plugin updated to 2.7.12

Version 2.7.12

  • added support for textured material preview in Nitrous
  • added support for HairFarm
  • removed support for Max 8, 9 and VIZ
  • the Max gamma value does not influence the rendered image or material preview swatches
  • added plug-in API
  • FBX import and export supports Maxwell materials
  • set the default for use Max instancing to on
  • fixed: proxies and MXS references did not show the preview point cloud in Nitrous
  • fixed: crash when creating MXS reference objects with pivot snap enabled
  • fixed: the UV Mapping dropdown in the RFRK particle object contained Chinese characters in Max 2013
  • fixed: hidden objects referenced by Maxwell proxies were rendered
  • fixed: crash when adding a second sequence to a RFRK mesher under some circumstances
  • fixed: no viewport texture preview for referenced materials
  • fixed: search paths were not used when locating BIN files for the viewport preview of RFRK meshers and particle objects
  • fixed: the viewport preview of RFRK meshers was not refreshed after adding a new sequence
  • fixed: crash when unchecking and checking back the display in viewport checkbox in a MXS reference object
  • fixed: RFRK particles were skewed when rotated
  • fixed: the viewport preview of RFRK objects and MXS references were not using the same search paths as the render
  • fixed: crash in older versions of Max which sometimes occurred when loading a scene
  • fixed: legacy particle systems were not exported from Max 2013
  • fixed: extension parameters which were strings (mesher BIN path, mesher realwave path etc.) were not exported correctly in Max 2013
  • fixed: saving a sky to a HDR file didn't work in Max 2013
Note: the FBX import/export feature was added to be able to exchange scenes in FBX format between Max and Maya. In order for it to work, you will need to upgrade the FBX plug-ins in both Max and Maya to version 2013.3 from this page.

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