Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maxwell Render 2.7.20 released

Maxwell Render 가 2.7.20로 업그레이드 되었습니다.



  • Performance of motion vector improved
  • Now it is possible to display the value of the hovered pixel in different color modes and depths
  • When resuming an mxi it is now possible to specify not only the new sampling level but also the new time


  • Fixed some scenarios of scenes with references with instances in Fire
  • Override materials doesn't affect referenced MXMs if the path is missing
  • Error reading some parameters of sky files


New Features

  • "Convert to mesh" to convert instances to meshes
  • "Convert to MXS reference" to convert a selection of objects into an MXS reference file and import it into the scene automatically


  • Loading large MXS files with deep hierarchies is faster now
  • Support for HDR Light Studio V4 which now also includes support for OSX/Linux


  • Loading DXF files with invalid triangles
  • Cancelling "Export selection to MXS" was not working
  • Potential crash displaying grass blades 



  • General stability improved
  • Improvements in log system


  • Resume of cooperative jobs could fail
  • Elapsed time display error in finished jobs
  • Lock aspect ratio button in the job wizard was not working properly
  • Check dependencies in batch mode could fail


  • Updated to keep compatibility


  • New SDK uploaded

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