Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Maxwell Render for 3ds Max plugin 3.0.30 updated

Version 3.0.30
 - added support for Max 2015
 - re-added support for Max 2011
 - Max double-sided materials are exported as front/back face materials
 - added pre- and post-animation behaviors to referenced MXS nodes
 - added controls for selecting the padding and format of MXS sequences
 - added region rendering controls to cameras
 - added support for hue adjustment to MxBitmap
 - MultiScatter instances use the render flags from the original object
 - added focus camera button to FIRE window and toolbar
 - added the name of the material to the backface material button
 - added rotation parameter in MxBitmap
 - negative values can be used in the offset attribute of MXS reference nodes
 - double clicking a material in the MXS material overrides window selects the material for that override
 - added a way to set the MXS reference material overrides from MAXScript
 - exposed gsChannelDeep and gsUseGlobalMaterial to the maxwell renderer MAXScript interface
 - added global settings for textures
 - added use global, mirror X and mirror Y flags to MxBitmap
 - increased the limit for the depth channel max depth
 - added back the MXS sequence rendering flag
 - fixed: MAXScript error when loading some scenes with corrupted cameras
 - fixed: incorrect export of particle flow motion data
 - fixed: particle flow systems with a dynamic material node were exported with a default material
 - fixed: crash in the MXS reference object when no material overrides are set
 - fixed: MXS references didn't display in the Nitrous viewport
 - fixed: wrong bounding box for Almebic reference objects
 - fixed: emitters beneath an IES emitter in the material tree got assigned the same IES file on export
 - fixed: UV scale wasn't exported when tiling was off
 - fixed: material overrides weren't saved with the proxy object
 - fixed: crash when previewing some materials
 - fixed: crash with vray cameras
 - fixed: IES files were ignored when importing materials from MXM
 - fixed: Alembic and MXS material overrides disappeared when the mesh was reloaded
 - fixed: Alembic material overrides were exported improperly
 - fixed: wrong normals for Alembic objects imported with CRATE
 - fixed: objects with no name or that only contained numbers in their name were exported incorrectly
 - fixed: the plugin reserved a license in node mode when the active renderer wasn't Maxwell
 - fixed: wrong camera position in FIRE in some cases
 - fixed: Alembic crash when the abc file had material references
 - fixed: the enable sequence checkbox in MxBitmap gets disabled when turning off viewport preview
 - fixed: xref scenes that are hidden in the viewport were still exported
 - fixed: MXS references updated their geometry even when show in viewport was off
 - fixed: MxBitmap previews appeared darker when using show in viewport
 - fixed: Maxwell material viewport preview ignored the hue shift parameter
 - fixed: 3dsmax 2012 used a seat license even in node mode
 - fixed: MAXScript error when loading scenes made with older versions of the plugin
 - fixed: custom bokeh was not exported
 - fixed: the offset parameter of the MXS reference object wasn't working correctly
 - fixed: wrong output paths in some cases
 - fixed: render error when materials contain empty bitmaps
 - fixed: the viewport preview of MXS references still showed the old object after trying to load a new file or sequence which contains errors
 - fixed: crash when displaying Maxwell materials in the slate editor
 - fixed: the textured material wizard created materials with empty bitmaps
 - fixed: garbage text in the log window when material translation failed in FIRE
 - fixed: IES file names weren't saved
 - fixed: crash when converting wizard materials to layered materials inside the slate editor
 - fixed: crash when the wizard material was loaded as part of a multi-material
 - fixed: memory leak in the material UI
 - fixed: wrong size for the viewport preview of the volumetric object
 - fixed: missing frame number in channel file names when rendering sequences

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