Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Maxwell Render for 3ds Max Plugin 3.0.35

  • added the maxwellGetCorrelatedColor() MAXScript function
  • fixed: maxwell MAXScript functions didn't work anymore
  • assistant materials retaui their name when converted to layered materials
  • added the Hair appearance for the material assistant
  • the plug-in no longer reserves a license when Max starts. The license is acquired when exporting or rendering for the first time.
  • fixed: wrong UVs when importing a mesh with multiple UV sets from a MXS file
  • fixed: the flip flags on the global normal map of the Maxwell material were not exported correctly
  • fixed: wrong Nd for the the ghost BSDF component created for MxLights
  • fixed: the Maxwell object properties rollup for MxLight objects was truncated
  • fixed: area light rectangles created by MxLight objects were twice as big as they should have been
  • fixed: emitter textures (HDR and projected image) were not copied by Pack'n'Go
  • Pack'n'go now exports asset files introduced with the new v3 features
  • fixed: Maxscript error when calling MaxwellRenderer()
  • fixed: assitant materials couldn't be cloned
  • fixed: maxwell material import and export functions couldn't be called from Maxscript
  • fixed: axis conversion wasn't applied to scatter values
  • fixed: converting assistant materials into layered materials removed top level multi materials
  • fixed: No viewport display for maxwell nodes
  • fixed: Crash in mxlight
  • fixed: Displacement was always exported as on
  • fixed: Location settings were disabled when the sun was turned off
  • fixed: Maxscript error when cameras contain newline characters

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