Friday, July 27, 2012

Maxwell Render 2.7.10


  • It is now possible to render using more than 64 threads
  • Fixed pretessellated displacement with multimaterial meshes
  • Fixed potential crash with color Multilight if an emitter slider is set to zero
  • Fixed bug with grass distribution applied to mesh with many polygons
  • Fixed bug with flipping normal map and motion blur

Maxwell Studio / MXED

Improvements / New Features

  • Loading large MXS files with deep hierarchies is much faster now


  • Fixed loading dxf files with invalid triangles
  • Cancelling "export selection to MXS" was not working

3ds Max Plugin

Version 2.7.6 - July 27th, 2012

  • added support for custom bokeh camera parameters
  • added support for negative offset values in the IBL parameters
  • the particle loader can display PXY sequence files in the viewport
  • default axis setup for the RFRK mesher set to YZX
  • fixed: browsing the material library and gallery did not work
  • fixed: render options strings (MXI path, MXS path, default material etc.) were lost after reopening a scene in Max 2013
  • fixed: bogus characters in the geographical location dropdown in Max 2013
  • fixed: bogus names for the renderer properties in MAXScript in Max 2013
  • fixed: the legacy material was not working
  • fixed: plug-in preferences (preview scene path, preview quality etc.) were not saved correctly in Max 2013
  • fixed: the bitmap viewer didn't work in Max 2013
  • fixed: wrong maximum value for grass bend angle, root radius, tip radius and density
  • fixed: file -> export didn't work if a perspective viewport was selected
  • fixed: FIRE did not work in Max 2013
  • fixed: RFRK objects were flipped in the viewport compared to the render
  • fixed: the MXI path was not exported correctly in Max 2013
  • fixed: BIN mesh loaders without a file assigned printed a non-descriptive warning on render Version 2.7.4 - June 18th, 2012

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