Monday, October 21, 2013

Maxwell Plugin for 3ds Max Updated

Version 2.7.37
 - objects hidden in the viewport can be exported as hidden to everything instead of being skipped altogether (this behavior is controlled by a render option)
 - added support for exporting UV coordinates for Max hair
 - added a checkbox in the Maxwell object parameters to control whether hair vertex colors should be exported
 - added a way to override the output image path
 - added the option to create a ghost BSDF for Maxwell lights
 - Maxwell lights are no longer hidden to reflections by default
 - fixed: wrong pivots for proxies and MXS references in the viewport
 - fixed: changing render settings from MAXScript no longer triggers unnecessary re-exports (particularly for IBL images)
 - fixed: wrong transformations when scattering objects imported from MXS
 - fixed: objects imported from MXS had wrong pivots
 - fixed: wrong frame number during export for BIN meshes in some cases
 - fixed: in scenes with more than one PFlow source, only the first one was exported
 - fixed: file sequences didn't work in MXS references
 - fixed: spotlight emitter had the same light distribution regardless of cone angle
 - fixed: crash in Ornatrix
 - fixed: wrong hair position when the mesh on which the strands were generated was controlled by bones
 - fixed: emitters created from Maxwell lights were disabled randomly
 - fixed: wrong MXI location when no path was given

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