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MoI V3 New Beta 3/24/2014

새버전이 나왔습니다.

마지막에서 두 번째 베타일 것이라고 하며 두 가지 기능을 더 추가한 마지막 베타가 나올 듯 합니다. 베타버전 사용만료일은 2014년 9월22일입니다.

새 기능:

Variable radius fillets 가변 필렛 기능 - 이제 "New point set" 버튼을 이용해서 특정 지점에서 반지름을 다르게 지정할 수 있습니다.

Lots of tuneups for hidden line generation:

Update hidden line generation accuracy. Improve accuracy of hidden line results by performing curve/curve intersections when visibility changes, to align the transition point accurately to other geometry. Since it can use only local operations slowdown is only about 4%. Accuracy of the generated result is greatly improved.

Update hidden line generation for DXF output and Make2D - don't refit rationals (like circles and ellipses) as cubics for DXF or Make2D output since unlike AI/PDF format these can handle full rational bspline output. Previously all hidden line generation was refitting cubic curves to the hidden line output.

Calculate depth bias tolerance by relative tolerance factor using overall bounding box size. Helps with problems with poor visibility results on larger or smaller sized scenes.

Fix bug with incorrect bounds gathering for standalone curves.

Fix bug where clip planes were not necessarily being set in the renderview to encompass the geometry being rendered. This could lead to unwanted near/far clipping happening when scripting PDF/AI export. Fixes a bug reported through e-mail by Jeff Dierstein

Improve out of memory handling in hidden line generation, show "Insufficient memory" warning instead of just crashing like it previously did.

If an edge curve is hidden, don't use it in the hidden line calculation. And if a face is hidden don't generate shaded output or silhouettes for it.

Backfacing silhouette detection. Improvements in backfacing detection at concave silhouette areas, Helps to reduce "hook" type overshooting visible curve areas at bases of cylidner protrusions and similar features.

Some fillet fixes separate from variable radius fillets:

Updated fillets to fix problems with fillets occasionally splitting into 2 long strips down their centerlines.

Update fillet command - Allow 0 radius to be entered as a way to reset the fillet and restore the original object for preview.

Fixed a bug with periodic fillets reported on the forum here:

Other fixes:

Fixed a bug with viewport flickering when loading a 3DM file by double-clicking it in Explorer when the 3DM file had a single maximized view in it, under certain timing conditions. Fixes a bug reported a while ago by Steph3D and on the forum more recently by milkywaif and Colin.

Update extrude sorting tolerance Adjust coplanarity tolerance for curve cluster sorting, fixes a bug where curves that were only a teeny tiny bit different in elevation would not be extruded together, reported on the forum here:

Update deformations to allow attributes like style and names on faces and edges to persist. Fixes a bug reported on the forum here:

Update sweep mitering for near tangent cases. Fixes a regression in v3 in sweep mitering reported on the forum here:

Update osx version - Update wineskin mechanism to avoid accumulating a bunch of directories under ~/Library/Saved Application State/12345.wineskin.prefs.savedState When these grew too numerous startup time could slow down a lot, or even prevent MoI from being launched at all. This version will also automatically clear out any old wineskin.prefs.savedState files accumulated from previous versions and should not make new ones anymore.

Update projected intersection object snap - Cancel projected intersection solver calculation if it takes more than 500ms. Fixes problems reported with object snap freezing while picking points looking down on a helix.

Add Portuguese UI strings from Duarte Ramos

Update curve/curve flow to avoid problems with unwanted rotations on the target curve - should fix problems with curve to curve flow with the curves positioned in the Front view instead of the Top view for example.

Update history - fix file size bloating problem related to history reported in the forum here:

Update Silhouette command - fix logic for determining silhouette edges, fixes a bug reported through e-mail by James Elliott.

Update straight sections loft - Fix bug with straight sections loft, reported on the forum here (regression from v2):

Fix excessive memory consumption for PlanarSrf reported on the forum here:

Update moi.filesystem.openFileStream() - Update readLine method on a file stream to work with any length line, previously it was limited to only read lines up to 1023 characters in length.

Update perspective field of view UI - Fix bug where the perspective FOV property for scripting was using an incorrect conversion process, this made a wrong value used under Options > View > 3D View angles > Field of view. The wrong value was generally close enough to the right value to kind of make it look like it was working. The fixed version should allow for better camera matching for matching MoI generated 2D output to other renderers.

Updated AI clipboard support for older version Illustrator compatibility on OSX. For doing a copy to clipboard using AI format on Mac, use the following for going into an older version of Illustrator like CS3 or earlier:

script: moi.geometryDatabase.copyToClipboardAI( 'UseAICB=true' );

Fixed a bug with AI format export, the bug was a garbled %%HiResBoundingBox entry in the AI header section, it was messing up pasting into Photoshop. Reported on the forum here:

Fixed a bug with rail revolve on non-planar paths reported on the forum here:

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