Saturday, November 26, 2011

VRay Ocean Shader with Ocean Geometry

VRay Ocean Shader with Ocean Geometry

새기능은 다음과 같다고 합니다.

New Features:
--Added Donation
--VRay OceanMtl version 2
--New Preferences Rollout
--New System Information (Accessable via About)
--New V-Ray Save Passes
--New Viewporter
--Added VFB+ by Rotem Schiffman (Install via preferences)
--Added Final Render Extended VFB (Install via preferences)
--Added Final Render settings in Swift-Switch (Accessable via Expand UI)
--Mini Render is now available

참고로 V-Ray 1.5SP3 이상에서 사용가능 하다고 하네요

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