Thursday, November 24, 2011

Maxwell plugin for 3dsMax updated

Version 2.6.14

re-added support for max instances

fixed: texture-based emission was broken in the Maxwell light primitive
fixed: HDTV color space name
fixed: emitter disk properly reflects the number of vertices set in UI
fixed: cloning a Maxwell light generated a default spot light in viewport, instead of the type selected
fixed: Maxwell lights always displayed a spotlight in the viewport after loading a scene
fixed: material changes caused a revoxelization in FIRE
fixed: exporting a single frame as a MXS reference will not append the frame number to the file name
fixed: proxies and MXS references were not visible in the viewport when hardware shading was turned on
fixed: materials couldn't be edited with MXED when the Windows user name contained a dot
fixed: wrong positions for objects with non-zero pivots and world space modifiers applied
fixed: loading a scene with a BIN mesh object will reset LOD to default
fixed: changing emitter material parameters in Maxwell lights no longer causes FIRE to revoxelize
fixed: the plug-in no longer tries to read back Multilight changes if ML is off

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