Monday, November 7, 2011

Octane Render Integrated Plug-In for 3ds Max Preview

3dsMax용 Octane Render 플러그인 개발중의 데모영상이라고 합니다.
맥스 내에 완전히 통합되어 있고 널리 사용되는 기본 재질이나 멘탈레이, 브이레이 재질들을 자동으로 변환해 준다고 합니다.

Some of the features of the plug-in include:

- The plug-in offers all the features of the standalone product but does so inside 3D Max.

- True integration within 3ds Max. It works right in the 3ds Max process space giving the plug-in direct memory access between 3ds Max and the Octane Plug-in

- The plug-in will allow automatic conversion of 3ds Max internal, Mental Ray and V-Ray materials into Octane Materials.

- The plug-in fully integrates with the animation rendering pipeline in Max allowing full animation capabilities (batch queues, network control, etc.)

- Import / Export between the plug-in and the standalone product allows for scenes to be set up in the plug-in and exported to the standalone for rendering. This also allows the use of scenes created in the standalone engine to be imported into 3ds Max (included complex node-based materials.)

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