Friday, November 18, 2011


매트페인팅에서 사용되는 기법을 플러그인으로 만든 것으로 오픈베타테스트가 진행중입니다. 현재 버전은 0.14

Camera Projection is a technique that is derived from matte painting, a process to quickly design backgrounds for film scenes without actually building them on set. Back in the days, matte artists would paint on glass (e.g. a landscape). By rephotographing the painting through the film camera it would look as if the actors are standing in the environment designed by the painter. This works, as long as the camera position does not change too drastically.
Nowadays, you can use 3d software such as 3ds max to project matte paintings or map textures onto 3d geometry. This can give you a lot of photographic detail without the need to model and texture huge amounts of elements by hand. A typical 3d camera projection consists of:
1. painting / texture map
2. geometry to project on
3. camera through which to project the image
Please visit the following link on the cgarchitect website for a great tutorial on camera mapping in 3ds max.

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