Thursday, November 3, 2011



  • Hair rendering: Introducing a new procedural primitive for rendering hair- compatible with the most popular hair systems (Shave & Haircut, Maya Hair, Max Hair, Ornatrix, Cinema Hair) 헤어 랜더링 기능이 추가되었습니다. 널리 사용되는 헤어시스템들과도 호환이 됩니다 
  • Particle rendering: New procedural primitive for particles- compatible with the most popular particle systems (RealFlow particles, Maya particles, 3dsMax) 널리 사용되는 파티클 시스템의 랜더링이 지원됩니다
  • Support for Vector displacement has been added 벡터 디스플레이스먼트가 추가되었습니다
  • Much faster (transform) motion blur 보다 빠른 모션블러가 가능해 졌습니다
  • Referenced MXS files: It is now possible to load references of MXS files in your main scene file, which are added only at render time, dramatically reducing export times especially for animations, and reducing scene transfer times when network rendering. MXS파일 레퍼런스가 가능해서 무거운 씬을 작업하는게 수월해 졌습니다.
  • Support for referenced materials has been added 레퍼런스 재질 지원도 가능해 졌습니다.
  • Scripting: Maxwell Render SDK now includes a standalone python editor and scripting examples 파이썬 편집기가 포함되었습니다.
  • Displacement: A second displacement algorithm has been added, much faster than the previous one 두 번째 디스플레이스먼트 알고리즘의 추가로 이전보다 훨씬 빨라졌습니다
  • Big improvements in image processing, filtering and aliasing: Enhances overall quality of the render, aliasing, sharpness, chromatic noise, dithering, etc and faster image generation routines. A new interactive parameter -sharpness -interactively controls the aliasing 이미지 프로세싱, 필터링, 알리아싱이 크게 개선이 되었습니다
  • Advanced integration with RealFlow- a new smart workflow which allows you to handle RealFlow output and generate both meshes and particles in render time, saving precious disk space and greatly reducing export times. The following extensions have been added: 리얼플로우와의 통합이 새롭게 개선되어 메쉬와 파티클을 랜더링시에 생성할 수 있게 되어 디스크 공간과 내보내기 시간을 줄여줍니다.
i. Maxwell particles: A particle loader that converts .bin particles generated in RealFlow to Procedural spheres in render
ii. Maxwell mesher: Particle loader and Mesh loader which converts .bin particles and .bin meshes produced by RealFlow to a triangle mesh to render
iii. Maxwell cloner: An instancer that uses .BIN particles and an object in the scene to place instances of the object on each point of the BIN cloud
iv. RF_meshes: A geometry loader that loads .BIN mesh generated in RealFlow to render
v. RW_meshes: A geometry loader that loads an SD produced by RealWave to render
Other New Features and Bugfixes
  • New "Normal Vectors" and "Position" render channels 노말 벡터와 포지션 채널이 추가되었습니다
  • Added support for new IES multiplicator parameter 새로운 IES 변수가 추가되었습니다
  • New checkbox in the render options panel to select whether the MXI and the image are saved to disk 랜더옵션 패널에 MXI와 이미지 저장 설정 옵션 체크박스 추가
  • New color space added (HDTV (Rec.709))  새로운 색공간 추가
  • Separated MultiLight controls for sun and sky Sun과 Sky의 멀티라이트 제어 분리
  • MultiLight now works with real units for sky- as it does for emitters:
    i. For normal emitters the slider represents its emission in real units
    ii. For IES the slider represents the IES factor
    iii. For HDR emitters the slider represents the intensity parameter
    iv. When there is constant sky, it shows the intensity (in cd/m2)
    v. When there is constant sky plus sun the MultiLight panel shows 2 parameters, one
    represents the dome intensity and the other the sun power parameter
    vi. When there is physical sky the slider represents the sun power parameter (as this controls
    also the dome emission in this case). When there is physical sky plus sun the MultiLight
    panel shows 2 parameters, one represents the dome intensity and the other the sun power
    vii. When there is HDR the slider represents the IBL global intensity factor
  • New option in File menu "Import MultiLight settings", that imports MultiLight settings from an mxs file back into the scene 스튜디오 파일 메뉴의 멀티라이트 세팅 불러오기 기능
  • Displacement + Instances is now possible 디스플레이스먼트와 인스턴스 동시지원
  • Displacement + Motion blur is now possible  디스플레이스먼트와 모션블러 동시지원
  • When opening an MXI file, if the MXS used to render it is found, it is loaded into the render options panel and the scene is prepared for resuming. MXI 파일을 열 때, 해당 파일에 사용된 MXS가 발견되면 자동으로 불러와 랜더링이 가능한 상태로 됨
  • Improved error handling when opening invalid MXS files
  • Fixed: sun + emitter caustics failures
  • Fixed: limitation of instances of objects with emitter material applied
  • Improvements in multithreading routines
  • Added support for instances with motion blur
  • Fixed: bug in bump when tiling was not 1Fixed: "Open MXI" menu option that would make Maxwell crash when opening MXI's generated from images (not MXI generated on render)
  • Fixed: memory leak with some texture formats
  • Fixed: handling of padding channels output paths when padding was not separated with a dot or "_"
  • Fixed: overridematerial:off command line option was not properly parsed
  • Fixed: now the "Recent MXI files" menu shows the latest MXIs generated in render properly
  • Fixed: 32 bit outputs (TIFF32, HDR, EXR) do not match MXI
  • Fixed: name of multi-emitter materials was not properly displayed in Multilight
  • Fixed: pure black pixels were not storing 0,0,0 in some image formats but there was a precision error that could change it to 1E-6 instead of zero.
  • Fixed: Some TGA files crashed with compression
  • Fixed: metadata was not properly saved in multilayered exr's and tiff's
  • New command line option to get a small proxy of the image output. It is especially useful in animations with a lot of large frames, when this option is enabled Maxwell saves a scaled preview (in 8 bits) of the image output. Proxypath:"D:\proxy.png"   -proxyres:320x240 (If resolution Y = 0 the aspect ratio is preserved)
  • The macro %scene% has been deprecated for clarity's sake, use %scenename% and %scenepath% instead
  • New command line option -removemxs to remove the mxs file after the render finishes.
  • Improvements in error handling when the render process fails
  • Improvements in stability and general robustness
  • Improvements in performance, especially when rendering animation sequences with a lot of frames Option added for resuming jobs that are already finished.
  • Full support for MXS references in animations
  • Fixed support for several cameras. Now when the active camera is changed in the job wizard, the resolution is properly updated
  • Fixed: image depth and embed channels flags were not properly read when loading a scene in the job wizard
  • Fixed: render time parameter was ignored in batch jobs when "Use scene settings" option was checked
  • Support added for new v2.6 render channels
  • Now the monitor displays the percent of mxi sent from nodes to manager
  • Improved algorithms for transferring dependencies
  • Hidden command line argument -keeptempfiles for keeping temp mxi files after merging
  • Fixed: render channels in batch render
  • Fixed: dependencies of override material are sent if it is enabled
  • New "search in console" option, accessible through the menu or the shortcut Ctrl+F. With F3 it goes to the next entry found
  • New command line argument "-maxwell:path" to specify a path to maxwell different to the one set in the environment variable MAXWELL2_ROOT
  • New command line argument -nocheckversion to disable the version checking (by default the network checks the version of both mxnetwork and Maxwell is the same in all the nodes)
  • Fixed: channels depth in the add job wizard were always set to 16b, even if the mxs has them set to something elseStudio/MXED
  • Support added for referenced materials. Now a material can be embedded in the scene or pointing to an external MXM path.
  • External references are not directly editable but they have to be embedded into the scene (and also the referenced MXM file can be edited in MXED)
  • Checkbox added to save mxi/image
  • New preference added to set a default command line string
  • Support added for setting sun position not only through latitude/longitude but also through angles or direction
  • Support added for geometry proxies and new 2.6 primitives
  • IES intensity multiplicator new parameter added
  • An IBL global intensity control added that affects the 4 IBL channels. It matches the number shown in the IBL slider of the MultiLight panel
  • LWO importer now accepts not only triangles but quads
    Fixed: bit depth in Render options not retained between sessions
  • Improved GUI of IBL panel to have a better control over every HDR channel
  • Fixed: embed channels flag was not retained between sessions
  • Fixed: studio ignores the default material set in preferences
  • Fixed: Studio adds "_tmp" to macros in Render Options
    Improvements in opengl shading
  • Fixed: Fire updates when changing any render option, even the ones that should not trigger an update
  • Fixed: normal mapping flip flags were not properly transferred in drag'n dropping operations
  • Fixed: Fire "isolate selection" option
  • Fixed: if only a group (not its children) was selected and "export selection to mxs" was called, the materials of its children objects were not saved.
  • Added GUI controls for the new channels (normals/position)
  • Environment panel rebuilt. Now it is more usable, parameters are more accessible and redundancies have been removed
  • Displacement "Gain" has been renamed "Subdivision"
  • Fixed some minor GUI issues
  • New shortcuts in material editor to switch the preview scene quickly. Now it can be done with Up and Down arrow keys
  • Fixed: Shift+Enter shortcut was not working in color picker control (this shortcut is used to introduce a numeric value in all the fields at the same time)
  • Fixed: Refresh problem in Fire with the interactive engine
    Improvements in display in viewport routines

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