Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Common triggers for product reactivation 소프트웨어 재활성화가 발생하는 이유


As a customer activating your license, you might be asked if you are activating your license for the first time. You'd like to understand what this means.


Autodesk is simply ensuring that the software is not activated on any ineligible computers. You send your activation request to Autodesk through a secure Internet connection or by email. If the request is valid, you receive an activation code, and your product is immediately available for use.

The following activities can prompt a reactivation: 다음의 경우 재활성화 프롬프트가 뜨게 된다고 합니다

  • Significantly changing the primary boot disk 프라이머리 부트 디스크에 중대한 변화가 생긴 경우 
  • Tampering with the activation services or the software license files 활성화 서비스나 소프트웨어 라이센스 파일에 문제가 생긴 경우 
  • Modifying the system date or time properties on a computer that has a time-limited software license 사용기한이 있는 소프트웨어 라이센스에 시스템 날짜나 시간이 변경된 경우 
  • Reinstalling your operating system 운영체제를 재설치한 경우

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