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New in Maxwell Render Suite 2.6.10


New in Maxwell Render Suite 2.6.10

Left: Version 2.6, Right: Version 2.6.10. Both rendered for 40 minutes. Click image to enlarge. Model courtesy of Artec 3D


Subsurface scattering improved

SSS가 이제 까다로운 간접라이팅 영역에서도 훨씬 빠르게 랜더링됩니다. 간접조명만 있는 경우에 개선된 성능을 가장 잘 확인할 수 있습니다.

Added camera multi step motionblur

이전 2단계로 제한되었던 카메라 움직임에 따른 모션 블러 단계가 무한대로 확장되었습니다.

Speed optimization in some render channels

알파,Z버퍼, 재질id, 오브젝트id가 훨씬 빠르게 랜더링 됩니다.


Other new features

  • 숫자입력란에 간단한 수학식을 입력할 수 있습니다 (예, 200/2, 30*4). 또한 동일 모그룹 (X,Y,Z 방향의 크기와 같은) 에 대해 동일한 값을 설정하기 위해 단축키 Shift+Enter와 함께 작동가능합니다.
  • 알파채널이 embedded로 설정되어있는 상태에서 "separate lights" 옵션과 함께 Multilight이 활성화 되면, 해당 알파채널 역시 모든 light 이미지들 내에 임베드 됩니다.


  • 모션블러가 적용된 파티클 랜더링 속도 최적화
  • 익스텐션 안성성 개선
  • 랜더링 이어가기를 할 때 프리프로세싱에 앞서 MXI와 목표SL을 비교하여 추가 랜더링이 불필요한 경우에는 시간을 절약함
  • SDK 개선
  • MXI 읽기/쓰기/합치기 루틴의 속도 최적화

Improvements/Bugfixes (Maxwell FIRE)

  • 속도 다소 개선
  • 전반적인 안정성 개선 - 리얼플로우 툴킷 변수들을 인터렉티브하게 변화시킬 수 있음
  • 불필요한 몇몇 경우에 voxelization 이 진행되었습니다.(이게 개선되었다는 뜻인듯)
  • 인터렉티브 모드에서 프리테셀레이트 디스플레이스먼트 문제
  • Fire 실행 중에 Override 와 기본 재질이 변경되었을 때 제대로 갱신되지 않던 문제
  • 부모개체가 숨겨졌을 때 계층이 제대로 갱신되지 않던 문제
  • 인터렉티브 모드가 실행중일 때 조리개 값을 변경하면 crash 가 발생할 수 있는 문제


  • Embedded alpha is always set to have the same bit depth as the render channel 
  • Some camera parameters were not changing when changing the active camera
  • Multilight shutter slider range
  • Problem with greyscale TGA files
  • Resuming MXI from the menu option was failing in some cases
  • Reading of EXR displacement maps with negative values was clipping them to zero
  • Alpha channel could fail pure black textures
  • Problem with reverse colors in hair tips
  • Alpha channel could be wrong in areas with pure black reflectance textures
  • Hidden to camera failed when IBL + ML + Shadow channel  
  • Old MXI files could look too bright when opened in the viewer
  • Hang when rendering with "-node" flag
  • Problems searching dependencies in paths with dots
  • Bug when instances had an emitter material applied while their referenced mesh had a non emitter material
  • Bug in subsurface scattering in draft mode 
  • Memory leak in pretessellated displacement


New features

  • "Progressive refinement". By default jobs are rendered until the target SL is reached but when the new "progressive refinement " option is enabled, the user can specify the amount of SL passes. For example setting it to 3,7,10, means that the job will be rendered up to SL 3, then automatically resumed to SL 7 and then will finish at SL 10. This is extremely useful for compositing purposes, since compositors can start working in the whole sequence at low SL while the sequence is being automatically refined. Note: the more refining steps, the more file transfers are needed. The syntax is identical to the one used in animation strings, you can type for example: 3,12-14,17.
  • Port:X command line argument allows you to set the port range. It is very useful to run different networks in the same local domain. A set of the nNodes, Monitors and Manager launched with a certain port will be invisible to other Managers launched with a different one. mxnetwork needs 14 ports so if i.e X = 25000, ports used will be in the 25000-25014 range.
  • Nodes in the node list can now be sorted by each column
  • Now a list with all the dependencies of a job is displayed in the last page of the job wizard
  • Added mechanisms to detect if the manager is running out of space on disk to avoid crashes


  • Performance merging MXI files vastly improved
  • Jobs with both "Save MXI" and "Save Image" parameters unchecked are not accepted 
  • Improved routines to search for missing textures and dependencies to avoid unnecessary Pack n' Go when launching network jobs
  • Improved performance of routines for checking dependencies
  • Error handling improved
  • Nodes in the node list can now be sorted by each column
  • Improved threads stability sending/receiving data
  • Now the preview images do not show premultiplied alpha


  • Batch render was not working properly in 2.6.0
  • Dependencies of some extensions were not properly sent 
  • Original MXS file was sometimes deleted when "send dependencies" was unchecked 
  • Problem resuming MXI sequence if some of the frames already had a sampling level higher than the target sampling level 
  • Problem with paths in Linux 
  • Warning message when monitor was closed without sending all its dependencies was not shown in some cases 
  • Problem in cooperative renders when the "Save MXI" parameter was unchecked in the scene
  • Changing the camera in the job wizard was not updating iso/shutter parameters
  • Problems rendering at very high resolutions
  • Issues when a render node failed in a cooperative job and was restarted again
  • Paths with macros were not working. Now macros are replaced by regular paths when the job is submitted
  • Use scene settings didn't obey all settings in Batch mode
  • Format of channels was ignored (they were saved using the render output format and depth instead)
  • Problems with paths when "separate lights in files" was enabled
  • Reset entire network routines fixed
  • GUI issues resizing panels and other minor gui issues


New features

  • 스카이 변수에 자동 GMT를 켜거나 끌 수 있는 체크박스 추가
  • (윈도우)탐색기나 (맥OS)파인더에서 재질 편집기의 텍스쳐 슬롯으로 직접 텍스쳐를 드래그앤드롭 할 수 있음


  • 숫자입력판에 간단한 수학식 입력 가능(예 200/2 ; 30*4)
  • 디스플레이스먼트 3D 스케일 변수에 음수값 입력 가능


  • "Reset" with hierarchies
  • FIRE was voxelizing sometimes when it was not necessary
  • Objects with a reference material applied sometimes were not displayed properly in the openGL viewport 
  • Pack n' Go with references
  • Downloaded MXM Gallery materials gets added twice to the material list
  • Potential problem when switching between material preview scenes
  • When a material was renamed inside the material editor, Studio was not checking if the name was already in use
  • HDR Light Studio: sometimes data stored in the MXS file was not read properly
  • HDR Light Studio: Fixed some refresh issue

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