Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to request Autodesk product media


As an Autodesk Customer, you're looking for a way to get product media (DVD/USB) sent to you.


To request Autodesk Product media, please complete ourCustomer Service Assistance form
Send 1 form per product media request.
When completing the form, please provide the following info:
  1. Your nameemail and shipping address.
  2. Your preferred language.
  3. In the "How May We Assist You?" field, please write "Media request for selected product."
  4. The product and product release (version) for which you would like media.
  5. Your product serial number.
  6. For Subscription Customers, please include yoursubscription contract number.
Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery.
For Non-Subscription Licenses, Media Requests are subject to a fee.

Subscription Customers can also request media for multiple products at once within Subscription Center with just a few clicks. Please see How to get your Autodesk software on a DVD or USB drive for further info.

Note: Printed product documentation is not available from Autodesk, but the online versions are available for everyone.

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